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Hey Karen,
Thanks for your help in fitting me with some new Gillies (shoes) at the Irish Fair in Pomona.  They have taps on the heel which help me count off for the band.  You are a wonderful family and I enjoyed my time in your tent.  Your price was awesome as well!  I should know, as vendors from all over the world are trying to get us to buy stuff from them. 
Keep up the good work... Brilliant! 
Scott Walton
Pipe Major, Los Angeles Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums

I just want to say how thrilled we are with the kilt outfit we bought for my husband at the Costa Mesa Scottish Festival from the MacKinnon's Kilts booth. For over a year I had been searching the internet for kilt packages, and we had considered other options at previous festivals we attended at Long Beach. We had just about decided we really could not afford to spring for a "Kilt Outfit" for my husband and were looking for just a kilt itself when we happened on MacKinnon's!!! What a happy and fortuitous meeting. David was able to try on kilts in different sizes, thus ensuring he got a good fit, and we got fabulous customer service from Karen's daughter Kyleena, who was very patient with us and gave us a lot of her time and all her attention. You are the best Kyleena!
Because we purchased the Festival Special we also got a full dress sporran, leather belt with celtic design, buckle with celtic design, hose and flashes- all for less than we would have paid for just a kilt anywhere else. All items are of great quality, and the kilt is a full 8 yards and proudly make in Scotland of poly-viscose blend, a wonderful and good looking alternative which looks and hangs just like wool.
At the Irish Faire in Irvine Meadows we met Karen and her girls at the booth and showed off again how handsome my husband looks in his "regalia".
Och Aye....are we happy!
Carol and David

I was recently at the Highland Games and came upon your booth where a friend of mine and I both picked up one of your kilts.
We were assisted by Bryanna. She was knowledgeable and helpful and never once made us feel like we needed to buy it or pushed us to purchase anything. We did let her know that we thought she was wonderful and had great customer service.
I understand this is a family business and just wanted to let the rest of the family know that Bryanna's customer service will ensure that I come back and tell others as well.
Hello there.
I just met your daughters at the Scottish Games at the Pleasanton fairgrounds this labour day weekend. They were a delight! I was the robust woman Hanna helped buy the Heritage of Scotland kilt. My first one. She made me feel welcome and not worried about my size- a 48. What a joy the young ladies were. My landlady in Concord, CA is head of the Ravenscroft clan and she said that it looked simply wonderful on me. I will be buying another kilt from you in the coming months.
Again what a lovely family you have and may God Bless.
I bought a kilt from you a year ago at the Monterey Scottish Festival. I have been having the time of my life wearing it. I would like to order another one before the next festival!
Loyal Kilt Wearer,
Compliments on your website very well done. Photos, information, etc.
Nice to see a local California vendor. I'm new to this; I just love the music, culture, and dress.
I can't remember if I let you know, but I did receive the extra long waist strap. Thank you so much for your level of service :)
- John

This Message is almost a year late, but I wanted to say thank you to Karen for working with me and getting kilts ordered for my wedding. I know that she put in some extra work to find me a child's outfit. My wedding was everything I hoped it would be and I just wanted to say thanks again.
Lori Cochran (Compton)